An ancient feast meets the modern supper club. The supra, translated “tablecloth,” is a traditional Georgian feast combining all the essential components of Georgian culture: delicious food, evocative wine, beautiful music, and exceptional hospitality.  Situated along ancient trade routes, Georgian cuisine has absorbed culinary influences from such wide-ranging places as China, Iran, the Steppes, and the Mediterranean, making it a unique and rich culinary culture. Guests will gather around our long table where we will present a series of dishes from Georgia and other places along ancient trade routes; combining traditional recipes with local California seasonal abundance. Throughout the family-style feasting, Kristine and David will present songs from Georgia, Eastern Europe, Italy, Greece, and beyond, teaching our guests a Georgian tune to truly participate in the supra experience.  Sprinkled with ritual toasting and poetry throughout, our guests should expect a one-of-a-kind musical culinary experience while enjoying the beautiful views and funky atmosphere of the Sausalito Houseboats.

Prices range from $100-$200 per person.  For an authentic supra experience, we maintain an 8 person minimum requirement for each event (tickets will be fully refunded three days prior to any event that does not meet the minimum requirement).  12 people is ideal, 17 is maximum. 

Supra Club! is the brainchild of wife-husband duo Kristine Barrett and David Johnson (aka Chef DR Jones).  Barrett, a vocalist specializing in traditional music from the British Isles, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, first fell in love with Georgian polyphony in 2009; going on to study Georgian music more intensively with American scholar-singer Carl Linich, the Georgian State Ensemble Basiani, Svan master Islam Pilpani, and Georgian scholar-singer David Shugliashvili.  She currently performs with the acclaimed women's ensemble KITKA, whose repertoire includes music from the Caucasus, and directs The Temple of Light Georgian Choir in Oakland. 

During a study trip to the Republic of Georgia in 2013, Barrett truly encountered the richness of Georgian cuisine and the magic of the supra.  Upon returning, David; a traveler, schooner sailor, and brilliant chef, began adapting the traditional Georgian recipes Kristine had encountered; combining the dishes with local seasonal California abundance.  He also began to play with the interplay between these recipes and those he had gathered while traveling through Africa, Greece, Sweden, France, and Turkey. 

In 2016, the State Ensemble of Georgia Basiani came through the SF Bay Area while on tour in the US.  On a whim, Kristine, David, and members of both Kitka and The Temple of Light Georgian Choir collaborated with the Matthew Turner tall ship to present an American style supra for the Basiani Ensemble, friends, visiting scholar Carl Linich, and members of the Georgian and local Maritime communities.  It was there that Kristine and David knew they were on to something truly special.

Their ultimate mission is to create rich culinary-musical experiences with poetry, ritual, love, and community as its enduring foundation.  Our hope is that guest leave our table elevated, enriched, and deeply satiated.  Gaumarjos!

SUPRA CLUB menu July 30 2018-1.jpg